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Is Our Different CPA Relationship Right For You?

The way we see it, we are profitability experts who just happen to be "CPA's." Our very different approach to client relationships is unique from that of the traditional accountant relationships you may have already experienced.

The traditional approach is about filling out forms and doing taxes for clients. (Of course, as CPA's, we do that too.)

As profitability experts,  our extra value is our process, which pulls together your data, giving you better control of your numbers. Day to day business now becomes easier to control and much more profitable!

We admit it, our approach is different and not right for everyone.

Our clients, we are right for see a substantial increase in their take home income, reduction of stress, an enhanced throughput process, leading to the reduced burden of management, and an added salable market value of their business.

Quick differentiation challenge: 

Ask yourself, What kind of a CPA relationship works for me?  This one?  

"My current CPA is a good 'traditional accountant' , I trust them to fill out and mail tax returns on my behalf?  What else do I need?"

Or...  This kind of a CPA relationship?

"I partnered with my CPA Firm because they have a proven process that is designed to work with me in controlling my business and creating the profits I desire.  And, in addition, they generate substantially more value, that they pay for themselves and my accounting services become FREE!"

How do we do it?

By originally working with the profit management functions of large companies,  we learned early on that CPAs don't earn their real value by just sending out tax returns and bean counting.

"CPAs must earn their value by working with ownership to plug profit leaks and enhance the management of their throughput processes for increased profitability and reduced burden of management." - Larry Offsey

Taking our lifetime of experience, we have created a process for business owners. It's a system that optimizes returns. It acts as a strategic roadmap and a GPS that guides our clients. Bringing them them towards the life they aspire and the income to support it.

Who might be right for our different process? 

Our ideal clients are good people who expect serious results from their already existing businesses or professional practices. However, sales have become stagnant or they have recently seen minimal growth or simply, take home income not what the owners would like to be.

Are you experiencing  these areas of pain? Don't feel bad. Question? Where is the entrepreneurial school to teach you how to run your shop? Hint: There is none. 

Our best clients choose to admit their business isn't exactly where they want it to be. Working together we cut out years and years of "do it yourself."  The results are amazing! 

Intrigued? Even just a little bit? Call us today 631-667-1666 and schedule a complimentary strategy session.

Lawrence Offsey and his staff are the best team of accountants I’ve ever had. My husbands company uses them as well. They are always accessible, very accommodating and amazingly accurate. Recommend them highly!!
— Geraldine

What We've Achieved

  • Worked with client resulting in $2.25 million in new revenue and a closer relationship to clients

  • Initiated a market research study to better reach customers resulting in new product lines, increasing sales by $3.9 million

  • Centralized the purchasing and inventory control departments, lowering payroll costs by $1.8 million and lowered average inventory by $1.5 million. The net result was to Increase annual inventory turnover by 54 percent for the client.

  • Retooled the purchasing function of a manufacturing company resulting in a 14 percent cost savings, adding $ 46 million to the bottom line profit.

  • Acting as CFO and member of the executive acquisition team, we partnered with the CEO to create a strategy that outperformed the competition growing the division from $30 million in sales to $ 240 million within 5 years (PolyGram Classics and Jazz).

  • Impacted a mid level $250 million organization, as COO, doubling profits within twelve months on the job (Koch International).

  • Complete a consulting assignment for a $440 million company (Deep Focus).

  • Completed a long team assignment for SFX Entertainment to create financial structure they can count on .